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Many of us wonder about it. Really is it possible ? How effective it can be ? What is good approach to achieve it, which is not. Well, many questions !
I found quite good article on this topic here
Some details from referenced article
For startups/ entrepreneurs considering launching a blog to promote business, heed the WSJ. […]

In my last article on the “green entrepreneurship” -,  I wrote about basic aspect of  going green on entrepreneurship.  There is lot happening in this area. Our society including entrepreneurs are becoming more aware.  I wanted to know more. I looked around on web and found great resources/information.  I will like to share same […]

If you did not know it, this blog is powered by Wordpress - a personal and professional blogging platform. I like it a lot.
Just want to share that version 2.3 was released on September 24, 2007. - less then a week back.
Many different sites and blogs have documented what they thought were their most […]

In my last article on the “green entrepreneurship” - (Link here), I wrote about basic aspect of going green on entrepreneurship. Now, let’s talk a step forward. Now as part of “green” entrepreneurship only being socially responsible is not enough. I bet, every entrepreneur will have this question in mind.
Can I […]

Which type are you ?
First let me explain what I mean by Backward planner Vs. Forward Planner.

Forward planner - Makes list of tasks and makes forward plan to complete all tasks starting from first one. Forward planner is aware of final deadline of project, but does not wait till dead-line to complete all […]

Everything is going “Green”, why not entrepreneurship ?
An “entrepreneur” is someone who thinks of a new idea or opportunity in business and who takes the risks necessary to convert his or her vision into a reality. Entrepreneurs are absolutely essential to the forwarding of human progress. An ecological entrepreneur is someone who is driven […]

If you are 30+, it may be late ( at least for subject of this post! )  . If you are not, it may be your last chance. 
It is amazing as well as humbling to see what various folks have achieved in early age.  Way to go !
Following link has list of successful […]

Almost everyone would have heard of “Amway” or “Quixstar”. If you haven’t heard of it or come across anyone, who wants you to be part of it, consider yourself “Lucky” I mean it !!
Business Model

Amway or Quixstar is based on “MLM” - Multi Level Marketing. Most of us are aware of this […]

We are on FeedBurner now

Many of you may know Google has acquired FeedBurner and now feed service from FeedBurner is available *free* for everyone.
Way to go Google ! 
Feedburner can be great tool for burning and managing feeds  for any blogger !
Here is URL for feeds of this blog. Click on following link to subscribe to feeds […]

Every entrepreneur or manager faces this question.
What will you do ? Will you find the right people first or will you get the project first? If you just started a company all by yourself…will you find the right people or start looking for new project?
This is like the chicken & egg story. Which one comes […]

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