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Like Gizmos ?

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You got to visit this website then —

You already may be knowing what this site is about. As name says it is all about Gizmos ? Some are very cool, Some are bit funky ( and expensive :) ) .. Some may be bit weird.. but surely they will catch your attention because they are different and very likely you may not have seen it before ! Some of the stuff will make you go  "Wow"!

I find something unique about this website. Behind all cool stuff and gizmos, there is something, which all great companies and people are known for — Innovation !

After all, everything boils down to our point of view. How we look at things. While an ordinary person may look at these gizmos as "cool", an entrepreneur or visionary will not "miss" the "innovation"  brought into  such product or idea or service. 

I request and challenge all ( Including myself )  to do following.

Whenever you look at this website or any other "cool" product, pay attention to that "different thought" or "idea", which made the product possible. That "different thought" or "idea" is what sets entrepreneur or smart businessman apart from others.

Let’s dare to think differently.

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One Response to “Like Gizmos ?”

  1. on 14 Sep 2007 at 8:42 pm kamal vyas

    Totally true. As they say, necessity is mother of invention. I will add that innovation drives those inventions and produces entrepreneurs


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