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Making a difference before 30 !

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If you are 30+, it may be late ( at least for subject of this post! )  . If you are not, it may be your last chance.  :)

It is amazing as well as humbling to see what various folks have achieved in early age.  Way to go !

Following link has list of successful entrepreneur or personalities, who made difference and became successful entrepreneur before turning 30. Now. that’s some achievement.

30 Under 30 ->

List is not limited to technology or any specific industry. Recipe for making into this list may not be easy.  Each one has his/her own story. However, if I have to pickup any common factors out of all success stories, I will go for following

  • Passion for what they do!
  • Thinking different from others
  • Not afraid of failing -  In early age, who cares :)

3rd point is quite important in this context. I think, it is one of the biggest factors in my opinion as many people have some idea and by the time they are ready to implement they find themselves far ahead in family/social situation and their risk taking ability has reduced considerably.  Mostly, they end up not starting the venture.  A good (or possibly great ) opportunity lost ! Who to blame ? After all, it is all about right timing. 

So if you are still young and if you are free from ever increasing social/family  responsibilities, here is your chance.  :) If you are pondering over some great idea, now is the time to implement it.. Go ahead.. take a chance..  Make a difference…

If you are 30+, well it may not be still late… You may have enough time to make it into  “40 under 40 list” :) 


Clock is ticking !!

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3 Responses to “Making a difference before 30 !”

  1. on 23 Sep 2007 at 12:42 pm kamal vyas

    As age advances person becomes more prone to security and he/she considers for safety first.So option is chosen where risk and failure is less.Low risk pays less.One factor with aging is responsibility which increases after marriage and expansion of family and social life.So right age for hard work and decision is 20-40.

  2. on 23 Sep 2007 at 11:45 pm Samir

    Yup, It is all about timing !
    Starting your entrepreneurial journey early is the best decision one can make. Don’t think too much, if you have any idea.. just go for it.

    Half the time, people spend so much time validating, contemplating an idea or theory, they end up not doing it.

    Like the Nike Ad says “Just do it !” :)

  3. on 24 Sep 2007 at 6:41 am Prerak

    yep… beware of ‘analysis-paralysis’ - which I have felt being trapped many times. Its all about making choices, taking chances and then moving on. Its possible that one may fail… but as long as you are not risking your life, you would have another chance. And if you are commited to keep moving then one of those may click and before you know - you could be next Amabani…!!!:)

    Time is always of essence!!! If you think, taking chance is not safe at your age/time then it just gets worse with every passing day. As they say - ‘Shubhasya shighram’

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