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Can green entrepreneurship earn you enough green($) ?

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In my last article on the “green entrepreneurship” - (Link here), I wrote about basic aspect of going green on entrepreneurship. Now, let’s talk a step forward. Now as part of “green” entrepreneurship only being socially responsible is not enough. I bet, every entrepreneur will have this question in mind.

Can I make it big using “green” entrepreneurship or how much “green” ( $) I can earn, if I go green ?

Well, these are all valid questions. To an entrepreneur’s delight there are already many success stories of “green entrepreneurship”.

If you’re not doing as well in your venture as you might have hoped, it’s easy to get discouraged. These stories offer a glimmer of hope. Pretty impressive, huh ? I will say it is impressive in terms of business and even more impressive in terms of going green and sustainability.

  • Patagonia: Patagonia, a 35-year-old outdoor clothing and equipment company has taken off, while promising to stay responsible. The company refuses to release toxins or create disposable, useless items that people don’t need. They use only responsible materials and aim to use recycled materials to make products that themselves can be recycled.
  • Atlantic Gardens: This roadside garden center has implemented lots of water reduction and recovery practices that help them use every possible drop and keep their need for outside water sources to a minimum.
  • Baile Langan Log Cottages: These cottages were built using simple, sustainable techniques. They are operated in an efficient manner as well, with employees providing guests with guidelines for environmental practices maintained in the cottages.
  • Nu-Air Ventilation Systems: Nu-Air products efficiently ventilate, cool and heat residential buildings while conserving energy.
  • Royal & Sun Alliance Canada: R&SA used 25% recycled content and 20% locally sourced materials to build a LEED constructed building. Inside, the building is full of refurbished and recycled furniture.
  • APC Coatings: APC Coatings is in the metal finishing industry, a sector of business that generally creates lots of hazardous waste and consumes excessive water and energy. APC created new technologies to make improvements and operate more efficiently.
  • Acadian Seaplants: This seaweed product manufacturer implemented a “blueprint for environmental success” to ensure long-term sustainability of seaweed resources and protection of seaweed ecology.
  • Maritime Paper Products: Maritime Paper created a new starch mixing and storage system that has allowed them to save millions of liters of water per year.
  • Nautel Limited: Nautel implemented a water conservation program as well as a recycling initiative.
  • Petit Passage Whale Watch: Petit Passage has sustainable business practices that help contribute to eco-tourism and minimize waste.
  • Atlas Cold Storage: This cold storage warehousing company has implemented several energy retrofits to make their equipment more efficient.
  • C-Vision: This electronics design and manufacturing services company has an active waste reduction program and is working to eliminate lead from their manufacturing processes.
  • Precision Powder Coating: Precision Powder Coating runs on a “waste not, want not” philosophy, reusing salvaged materials and reusing surplus materials.

It could be truly fulfilling entrepreneurial experience, if you can make money while giving back to society and mother earth ! Wow ! Now that’s the deal !

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One Response to “Can green entrepreneurship earn you enough green($) ?”

  1. on 28 Sep 2007 at 6:03 pm Vikas

    Nice post.
    Seems like there is good momentum for green entrepreneurship.
    If I ever become a successful entrepreneur, I will keep this in mind for my next venture :)

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