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Probably not, what Mark Zuckerberge was doing, when he was 22.
At age of 22, his start-up “Facebook” ( ) had surpassed 3 million user mark. Age of 22, guys !!
I can’t stop praising the entrepreneurial spirit of this guy. Smart thinking and passion for technology. What started as a tool in Harvard School […]

Yes, we do ! And may be, we need it soon !
Why do we need it ?
Good question. Answer is simple - our needs are increasing. Before 10 years, we had complete office LAN working at simply 10 Mbps and it was sufficient at that time, but now time has changed. Our needs demand higher […]

This is continuation of my previous posts on women entrprepureship. Like they say entpreprenuership is gender neutral ( In theory at least )
I believe that they are more then subtle differences, but both man or woman can be a great leader. Implementaiton and approach could be different. Being different gender there has […]

If you are determined to make a difference and start your own business, there is lot of resources you can find to get started.
And here is good news, each big company was once small and they all started with small busines as bigginner So can you!!
Here are some nice resouces, I found […]

Like I wrote before, entrepreneurship is equal opportunity provider
As long as someone - be it man or woman, has strong idea and determined to make it happen, it is done deal !
Here is nicely complied list of website I found on web - resources for advice, information and tools to help you […]

Entrepreneurship is equal opportunity provider
As long as someone - be it man or woman, has strong idea and determined to make it happen, it is done deal !
By the way, this reminds of famous saying
There is a woman behind every successful man. ( And there are two ( or more ) of them […]

Did you ever wonder about this ? We all know which are world’s most profitable company or having highest assets, but how about ethics ? Which is world’s most ethical company ?
Interesting article on, discussing Ethisphere magazine’s recent release of its list of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” for 2007.
More than 5,000 companies […]

In past 2-3 weeks,I have been writing about “going green” on entrepreneurship. Hope you are finding it informative and useful.
Are you looking to network into “green” community ? There are many opportunity to do so ! Get together with like-minded business owners and individuals that can help you develop your green business […]

In last couple of weeks, I have been writing about “green entrepreneurship” on this blog. 
If you are serious about this and want to learn more, books could be best source. I looked around and gather few books from web.  For more in-depth guides on green business, check out these informative books.

Building the Green […]