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Looking for green books - Here are few

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In last couple of weeks, I have been writing about “green entrepreneurship” on this blog. 

If you are serious about this and want to learn more, books could be best source. I looked around and gather few books from web.  For more in-depth guides on green business, check out these informative books.

Here is the “green” idea.  If you are thinking of buying it then before buying the paper copy of this book, consider to buy “eBook” or a “PDF” version, if available.  Save a tree or two. I know it is not easy to always read eBook or PDF document.  But hey, at least you can think about it and implement it if you like. It can really save a tree or two.

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  1. on 01 Oct 2007 at 9:20 am anonymous

    good green ideas to make the other green :)

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