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World’s most ethical companies — 2007 list

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Did you ever wonder about this ? We all know which are world’s most profitable company or having highest assets, but how about ethics ? Which is world’s most ethical company ?

Interesting article on, discussing Ethisphere magazine’s recent release of its list of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” for 2007.

More than 5,000 companies were considered (across 30 different industries), yet fewer than 100 made the final list. I must admit to being a tad surprised by some of the finalists (more on that in a minute)!

So what exactly are the criteria for selecting the most ethical companies?

According to Ethisphere, “companies were measured in a rigorous eight-step process and then scored against nine distinct ethical leadership criteria.”

  • Litigation and controversy/conflict analysis
  • Ethical tone analysis
  • Innovation and industry leadership analysis
  • Corporate citizenship analysis
  • Pan-industry effort participation analysis
  • Governance and transparency analysis
  • Public and trade partner perception analysis
  • Ethics/compliance programs and systems analysis

World’s most ethical companies

    Weight % for each factor

image The total list can be debatable upto an extent, since ethics could be subjective at times, but overall it seems to be well compiled list. Feel free to express your views or disagreement

I was very surprised (I am still surprised ) by some of the companies listed - McDonalds certainly took the cake in that department! After watching “Fast Food Nation” and Super-Size Me”, for some odd reason the word “ethical” just doesn’t come to mind when I think about McDonalds. :lol:

Clearly expecting a similar reaction from many others, Ethisphere included this blurb:

Some may ask, “How can McDonald’s be on the list?” The answer is that the food service industry is the largest industry in the world—and McDonald’s has clearly stood apart in introducing
healthier food fare, sustainable packaging, food safety, and ethical purchasing practices.

I don’t agree with above though. If making half of US populate “obese” is giving back to society, McDonald will top the list. What’s the point, if someone is slowly killing others one way and on other side, he is donating *some* money to hospital so that those dying person can be taken care of. This is absurd in my opinion. I know this could be very debatable, but this is my opinion.

All in all, it is definitely interesting to see what companies are leading the way on the ethical front, and which ones are absent from the list (such as Walmart, despite all its green progress).

What do you think ? I know that some of the results in this article are debatable. Feel free to express your views. :)

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One Response to “World’s most ethical companies — 2007 list”

  1. on 06 Oct 2007 at 8:35 am Kamal Vyas

    Today in this era one can prove and publish anything by the help of statistics and study with selected criteria. V can c this picture in medical and pharmaceutical field also.Repeated presentation and advertisement help them in their goal.Then people considers the presentation to b correct and authentic.Big industry many a times sponsor the study project to increase the sale and establish the product. Selection of criteria is very much according to the expected preplanned result.Sab chalta hai aur ishi liye chalaanewale bhi hai.

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