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Quote: "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." - by Warren G. Bennis

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It sounds very normal or at least not so surprising, right ?
But it is easier said then done ! One of the keys to entrepreneurship is to adapt to more responsibility in every aspect of business and even in life. No matter what happens, at the end, it is your responsibility to succeed. It may […]

It’s beginning to feel like a new feature of the business cycle: Every few years or so, American companies and consumers embrace the concept of green business. We’re certainly in the midst of one of those moments right now. But something seems different about our current green awakening.
Today’s green revolution is being driven by a […]

If this title sounds bit odd to you, the reason is — it is bit odd — in today’s world. But not in future! How soon, time will tell.
So what do I mean ? In today’s world — staying connected is a bliss ( and of course, cool too in many cases! ) What […]