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OK, I will pay to be disconnnected !

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If this title sounds bit odd to you, the reason is — it is bit odd — in today’s world. But not in future! How soon, time will tell.

So what do I mean ? In today’s world — staying connected is a bliss ( and of course, cool too in many cases! ) What current world offers us ?

  • So many companies are putting so much effort to make people connected.
  • Entrepreneurs are finding new ways to connect people, share things with friends, family ( and to a stronger with a simple click of mouse :-) )
  • Email is a defacto standard — even with older generation. Everyone needs to have email. No arguments there, I guess
  • We couldn’t do without Instant messaging. Chatting is religion in teens and a great colloboration tool in corporate world.
  • Voice chats and VOIP has made “global village” a reality.
  • Location based service on mobile
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Instant notification and alerts
  • Location tracker through Cell phone
  • Pagers, which are almost instinct,but still some companies just can’t get rid of pagers.
  • Cell phones have never been more popular then right now. And they are getting more popular and common every day. Mobile is one the hottest industry to grow. As all mediums converge in a mobile device, it becomes “single most” THE imoprtant gadget human will carry, which will ideally do “almost everything” we can ask and hope for. That’s the future ! Sounds so exciting, isn’t it ?

I can eloborate furhter that how “being connected” has changed our world and in a positive way, it has truly made our world a “global village”.

However, do you see any side effect of this “hi-tech” and “connected” world ?

Innovative minds will always find more ways to connect you to the world and “enable world to connect with you”. Apart from list above, there will be many more ways one will be able to reach you in future Or will be able interrupt you. If they can’t reach you one way, they will try another. If that does not work, they will try third one… until… they can reach you. after all You are “connected” !
Now, that could be an issue. Many people are feelng that their producitivty is gong down since there are so many inturrptions in day., they don’t get enough time to focus on what they want to do. This may also depend on few other faactors. If time and priorities are not managed well, one can easily get lost in this “connected” world. It could be entirely possible that even if you don’t to stay connected, world will always find you.

Let’s say at that time another innovative mind coms forward and offers a service which will allow you to be disconnected and stay disconnected as per your needs. Well, they may charge nominal fees to do so ! Will you buy it ? Though you may think, it is absurd and exaggeration, trust me, something similar will happen. You will end up buying it. Yes, you may pay to stay disconnected ! :)

Way before emails became very popular , not many people thought that spamming could be a big issue. Today, email spamming is the biggest problem. Individuals and companies have to put lot of effort to manage spams. companies having good anti-spam products have been quite successful. Spam is such a big producitivy loss, that it will make lot of sense to pay some money to get rid of it.

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9 Responses to “OK, I will pay to be disconnnected !”

  1. on 29 Mar 2008 at 1:45 pm Ken Bentubo

    Not only is connectedness a new issue to deal with, but also more frequently paired with it is the expectation to instant reply. Not only are we expected to stay connected, but we’re expected to replay immediately.

    I have steadfastly retained my policy of “I’m not going answer any e-mail faster than I would any snail-mail.”

  2. on 05 Apr 2010 at 2:41 am Nikhil Parikh


    You are trying to swim upstream! Look on the positive aspect that for your near and dear ones, you can always be around—whenever they need you–no matter where you are.

    As for the negative side, you can’t help it. Einstein gave us a means to harness nuclear energy, and we used it first for Japan’s misery.

    You will not be able to turn the clock back!

    Even my diehard friends who resisted the mobile phone all along–are now singing praises for it!

    Sorry, I will like to be connected–but even then I have a choice when to RESPOND!

    Just like tv, the OFF button is always with me–as well as the MUTE button.

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