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Key to entrepreneurship — More Responsibility

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It sounds very normal or at least not so surprising, right ?

But it is easier said then done ! One of the keys to entrepreneurship is to adapt to more responsibility in every aspect of business and even in life. No matter what happens, at the end, it is your responsibility to succeed. It may be employee’s mistake or employee not keeping his words or client going back on deal or client behaving unprofessional — at the end, it is your problem and in other words, you are responsible for it. You assume extra responsibility to succeed, which makes an entrepreneur more then an ordinary person. By taking extra responsibility, an entrepreneur or any manager  really rises above others and I call that gesture more of “giving” then “receiving”. This is why a successful entrepreneur wins more respect from others. It is earned.

Taking more responsibility is also not an easy task. Why so ? Taking more responsibility directly and indirectly assumes other traits in a entrepreneur. If not, it forces an entrepreneur to do so. Every successful entrepreneur will learn it sooner or later… at times, the hard way, but destiny is - “Rising above the crowd — assuming more responsibility”. What does it mean ? Responsibility may mean forgetting your personal goals, emotions and giving priority to business or to a higher goal which has shaped itself in form of a “company” or bigger task. What you feel or think is immaterial at that point, only what matters is success, smooth operations and growth of company. So in other words, one becomes less shellfish and self centered and rather more focused on something , which is common goal for company — the bigger picture! Forgetting your own motives or emotion requires great deal of  maturity, vision and at times greatness, which is reflected in many seasoned and great entrepreneurs.  You let go, adjust and often compromise for success of company. You always consider company before you.

This may sound bit philosophical, but after all, we are humans and not machines. Every entrepreneur needs principles and strategy to run the company and succeed. In my own experience as entrepreneur, I have come across similar situations, where I have been forced to ignore what I think or feel and just move ahead keeping company objectives and goals in mind. It is not an easy task. Almost all entrepreneurs will or have undergone this many times. I am learning it too - on many occasions the hard way. I know that I will master it eventually.  Once you learn the hard way,  you remember it for long time!  :) Not bad deal !

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, start assuming more responsibility from today… This may involve taking someone else’s fault on your shoulder, forgiving others for their mistakes, doing other’s work, temporarily ignoring someone’s poor performance, tolerating unprofessional handling of client, keeping happy face even if employees don’t keep their words and much more…….. Only ONE thing matters… You are above all this and you are here to succeed. You need to nurture your business and all stack-holders of business like  parents would take care of their children. Learn from each experience and make it part of your responsibility going forward.  Every incident will take you closer to success.

Always keep that BIGGER picture in mind. Never lose sight of that. Rising above your personal emotions, feeling and goals is a noble gesture. Every successful entrepreneur deserves respect in this regard and I salute all of them.

You are not meant for mediocre output and achievements. You have much BIGGER picture in mind. Not everyone can do it because it is not easy.  As long as you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and goal, you will be qualified as a great “entrepreneur”, who is all set to succeed !!

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