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For last few months, I am going through horrible experience with customer service of PayPal.

I couldn’t imagine that dealing of  PayPal can be so much time consuming and totally ineffective. If I bill them for every hour I spent, it can be sizable amount !

Question I have is — How can a company survive with such a horrible customer service ?


My quick story

I have a PayPal account, which was apparently setup as "Personal" account when I set it up initially. Then, I added my company bank details to it so that I can manage business transaction with it. Couple of customers desired to pay us by PayPal and I didn’t see any issues with it.

Immediately, after first payment customer made, my account went into "Limited Access" status. I later on found that  hundreds of people have similar issues and most of them have horrible experience to share !

PayPal Website asked to follow few steps, which I followed

  • It asked me convert account into business account. I followed online process
  • It asked for confirming some company related information, which I did
  • I also managed to get customer service reps over phone and he asked to fax some important documents. I did that.

Still No result !

It can not somehow upgrade my account to business level and at the same time, "Limited access" applies, which pretty much limits use of  PayPal in effective way.

I tried to follow up at least 5 to 7 times over email. Every time, I got a "Canned’ pre-written email from some stupid customer service rep, who only knew how to write ( or speak ) politely, but do NOTHING MORE to solve the actual issue

It keeps sending me reminders to "restore" my account and asking to me go to my account and take care of it. After talking to different service reps, they ALL manage to send me "same" canned email about telling me what to do to fix it !

BUT (idiots) at PayPal do not realize that there is nothing I can do within my account. I have done all it asked me to do. There is noting more to do !

I need some knowledgeable person to talk to in customer service, who can actually help !! And I haven’t been able to do that. May be they don’t hire those types ! Why hire someone , who can actually fix the issue ?


PayPal is a great concept and they were first to enter to market. Not bad deal!

In my opinion, they have totally failed to streamline their customer service. It is far away from even "acceptable" level in industry.

In my case, they are sitting on my money (and most likely earning interest on it ) and I can’t get it out of PayPal and put it to any other use. It is stuck. To me, it seems like criminal activities.


At high level , PayPal seems like a scam !!

Their customer service has  redefined what "horrible" means !

It is hard to believe that it is an eBay company, for which, I have more respect in terms of customer service.

Most importantly,

Somehow, it seems possible to survive even after worse then horrible customer service…

Only question is — HOW LONG ?

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3 Responses to “Paypal’s Horrible Customer Service — Is it by Design ?”

  1. on 03 Jun 2009 at 12:27 pm Cammie Noel

    I have just decided that am doing a documentary about paypal. I am a filmmaker and am have had the same thing the absolute worst customer service I have EVER experienced anywhere , on an ongoing basis, I am paid by my job through them. They are mind bogglingly , over the top , absolutely the WORST!
    How about an interview?

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