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Setting up priorities right – An art of science ?

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Does it ever happen to you that after setting up priority in your daily routine, you fail to follow it accurately and slowly start deviating ? At the end of the day, you find that you could only achieve half of tasks you wanted to finish. And some important tasks are not yet addressed.  It is not so uncommon. This happens to me many times and I feel very annoyed with myself for not being able to achieve everything what I wanted to.


It is important to understand and ask this question that — what is most important at the moment ! We can’t do everything. We constantly fight with time. We can’t get enough of it, but we always have lot of work to complete and that too, in limited time. Sounds familiar, right ? We wish for more time, but it is interesting that we are never successful in creating more time :)


We constantly juggle different tasks in our daily life – Social and business. It is not any different. In corporate world, it becomes more obvious and explicit that you choose one task over other for simple reason – Business priority !  As manager, this becomes important when working with limited resources and manager can be assured that he/she will never have enough resources, which is in proportion with amount of work. So manager will be constantly trying to manage tasks and resources based on business priority.


This is very similar in social and personal life too. Many times, it can be more challenging compared to corporate world. Main reason is that personal life is often more complicated then corporate world and setting up priorities for different tasks can be more difficult. Still, we try our best. Many times, we do this without even realizing it that we are choosing one task over other because of many factors. We can’t treat every thing at same level of priority.  Sometimes, it may be tough to choose, but we have to ! Many times, we don’t have a choice.


At times, this prioritization process may become stressful and very unpleasant. Why can’t we just take care of all tasks in available time ? Why does it have to be so stressful and difficult ? Lot of this has to do with the fact that pace of our life has become much faster.  We expect that we can achieve much more in same time now compared to before. We also have tools and technology available to us to achieve those tasks.  We rather keep striving to do more and more in given time to us.  We consider this progress for humanity. It is also known as “Being efficient”. Before even you realize, it becomes way of life… to do more.. and even more…


So what do we do now ?


Simple - We set the priority right for all tasks and focus on higher priority tasks.  Well, it is not that simple as it sounds, but that’s the idea

If you can achieve higher priority tasks, you should not feel bad for not being able to complete all tasks. Try to have little satisfaction in your life.  One can’t do everything  :)


Art of setting up priorities right and being able to follow is a bliss in today’s time. Always set your basic goals and “stretch” goals. Once you are habituated with it, this art can become science for you. If you are perfectionist, you will try to strive to get your “stretch” goals and even try to go beyond. It is good over all, but it may not be healthy to have feeling of failure if you can’t achieve your stretch goals. Have daily goals and just focus on most necessary goals and if you go beyond, that it is a BONUS. Enjoy the bonus, if you can have it and feel good about it. Enjoy every moment of going beyond your basic goals. Take life a series of strides rather then one big marathon.  In long run, it is very healthy and can be very powerful technique for your success


Well, these are my thoughts. Do it less (if you have to ) but do it right and importantly try to enjoy every moment of it rather then trying to do LOT and at the end feel miserable for not being able to do it !


Enjoy the art of setting up right priority with much needed balance between time and tasks !

If you have mastered this art, you will be happy and successful, which does not always goto gather :-)

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