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Quote: "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." - by Steve Jobs

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It sounds very normal or at least not so surprising, right ?
But it is easier said then done ! One of the keys to entrepreneurship is to adapt to more responsibility in every aspect of business and even in life. No matter what happens, at the end, it is your responsibility to succeed. It may […]

The reason is actually simple !
Almost all such schemes do not satisfy fundamental rules entrepreneurship or business. In summary — No pain, no gain.
what are the rules ?

You need to organize
You need to manage and control
You need to take considerable initiative
You need to definitely take sizable risk
You need to provide “value” to your customers.

Let’s say […]

While many of us think there are no enough opportunities left in market to succeed and on other side, almost everyday someone makes a success story.
How is that possible ? If you have that question, keep reading this blog and try to look around in different postings, I am positive that you will […]