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If you are determined to make a difference and start your own business, there is lot of resources you can find to get started.
And here is good news, each big company was once small and they all started with small busines as bigginner So can you!!
Here are some nice resouces, I found […]

In last couple of weeks, I have been writing about “green entrepreneurship” on this blog. 
If you are serious about this and want to learn more, books could be best source. I looked around and gather few books from web.  For more in-depth guides on green business, check out these informative books.

Building the Green […]

In my last article on the “green entrepreneurship” -,  I wrote about basic aspect of  going green on entrepreneurship.  There is lot happening in this area. Our society including entrepreneurs are becoming more aware.  I wanted to know more. I looked around on web and found great resources/information.  I will like to share same […]