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On 9th Cloud

Yup, that’s what those guys must be feeling who are into “cloud computing” and making it bigger 
I see “cloud computing” as one of the hottest technologies for 2010 and for at least next few years after that. It will have huge impact on how we use computers and how we perform day to […]

It’s has been a while…

Well, time passes by so quickly… It has been long time, I got time time to write my thoughts on my blog.
So what I have been doing ? Apart from contemplating on economy and wondering what the heck just happened to US and world, running my company and managing business itself can be challenge in […]

We are on FeedBurner now

Many of you may know Google has acquired FeedBurner and now feed service from FeedBurner is available *free* for everyone.
Way to go Google ! 
Feedburner can be great tool for burning and managing feeds  for any blogger !
Here is URL for feeds of this blog. Click on following link to subscribe to feeds […]

You must have heard the news !
If not here it is. Google bought “Feedburner” ( for USD 100 million )  and they made their “feedburner’ service Free !
Great news for Bloggers.
I have already started using  Feedburner PRO service for my  blog posting feeds.  I am currently testing it to make sure, it works and satisfies all […]

Like Gizmos ?

You got to visit this website then —
You already may be knowing what this site is about. As name says it is all about Gizmos ? Some are very cool, Some are bit funky ( and expensive ) .. Some may be bit weird.. but surely they will catch your attention because they […]

Investing and Finance

I feel glad that after waiting ( well, for no reason though ) I have finally started blogging.
I hope to continue and make it useful for me and my readers.
I realize that I have not been very particular about above subject and there is lot of scope I can improve and […]

I am testing this tool to make sure it plays fine with my wordpress blog.
This tool from Microsoft is surely good authoring tool so that

You don’t have to be logged into your site all the time
Easier and richer authoring experience
Integrates very well with online blog including categories and other details.
Write it without internet connection […]

First Post

It’s time to begin another blog !
I will be writing mainly about my thoughts and news about technology, business, philosophy and related stuff.
Hope you enjoy reading it !
Thank you.
Samir Vyas

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