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I am writing on my blog after many years. That reflects the title of this post !
Well, time flies….. Yes, but there is also another angle to it. 
Time management matters too.  A LOT ! Well, this topic deserves great deal of attention and can have complete blog on it  
My not being able to […]

If this title sounds bit odd to you, the reason is — it is bit odd — in today’s world. But not in future! How soon, time will tell.
So what do I mean ? In today’s world — staying connected is a bliss ( and of course, cool too in many cases! ) What […]

Many of us wonder about it. Really is it possible ? How effective it can be ? What is good approach to achieve it, which is not. Well, many questions !
I found quite good article on this topic here
Some details from referenced article
For startups/ entrepreneurs considering launching a blog to promote business, heed the WSJ. […]