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If you are advanced user, you will say that “it sucks !!” And I agree.  Some features are really lacking !
With Google products, people have come to expect higher standards and frankly, I don’t see that lately.
Considering, it is free product and has many great features ( much appreciated ), I do not mean to […]

Beauty of technology is that it always keeps changing. What was hot last year is already history. We live in world of constant change. And in fact, only thing constant is "change". Isn’t it paradoxical ?
Well, so what’s hot for 2008 and ahead…
I don’t get time to do lot of research myself these days, but […]

It’s beginning to feel like a new feature of the business cycle: Every few years or so, American companies and consumers embrace the concept of green business. We’re certainly in the midst of one of those moments right now. But something seems different about our current green awakening.
Today’s green revolution is being driven by a […]

Probably not, what Mark Zuckerberge was doing, when he was 22.
At age of 22, his start-up “Facebook” ( ) had surpassed 3 million user mark. Age of 22, guys !!
I can’t stop praising the entrepreneurial spirit of this guy. Smart thinking and passion for technology. What started as a tool in Harvard School […]

Yes, we do ! And may be, we need it soon !
Why do we need it ?
Good question. Answer is simple - our needs are increasing. Before 10 years, we had complete office LAN working at simply 10 Mbps and it was sufficient at that time, but now time has changed. Our needs demand higher […]

You must have heard the news !
If not here it is. Google bought “Feedburner” ( for USD 100 million )  and they made their “feedburner’ service Free !
Great news for Bloggers.
I have already started using  Feedburner PRO service for my  blog posting feeds.  I am currently testing it to make sure, it works and satisfies all […]

Not in near future for sure :)  Actually, it will never stop, as I see. They may slow down, but that’s about it !
In 2007, From January to July, Google has already acquired more then 13 companies ! 2 to 3 are under progress. And few more in pipeline.
It is likely that […]

For firefox users, there is a great news ! I just came across it today.
The tool is called “ScribeFire”, a blog authoring tool. It installs as “firefox” addon.
ScribeFire (previously Performancing for Firefox) is a full-featured blog editorthat integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog. You can drag and drop […]