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Quote: "Leadership cannot really be taught. It can only be learned." - by Harold S. Green

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I am writing on my blog after many years. That reflects the title of this post !
Well, time flies….. Yes, but there is also another angle to it. 
Time management matters too.  A LOT ! Well, this topic deserves great deal of attention and can have complete blog on it  
My not being able to […]

Does it ever happen to you that after setting up priority in your daily routine, you fail to follow it accurately and slowly start deviating ? At the end of the day, you find that you could only achieve half of tasks you wanted to finish. And some important tasks are not yet addressed.  It […]

It’s has been a while…

Well, time passes by so quickly… It has been long time, I got time time to write my thoughts on my blog.
So what I have been doing ? Apart from contemplating on economy and wondering what the heck just happened to US and world, running my company and managing business itself can be challenge in […]

For last few months, I am going through horrible experience with customer service of PayPal.
I couldn’t imagine that dealing of  PayPal can be so much time consuming and totally ineffective. If I bill them for every hour I spent, it can be sizable amount !
Question I have is — How can a company survive with […]

If this title sounds bit odd to you, the reason is — it is bit odd — in today’s world. But not in future! How soon, time will tell.
So what do I mean ? In today’s world — staying connected is a bliss ( and of course, cool too in many cases! ) What […]

In past 2-3 weeks,I have been writing about “going green” on entrepreneurship. Hope you are finding it informative and useful.
Are you looking to network into “green” community ? There are many opportunity to do so ! Get together with like-minded business owners and individuals that can help you develop your green business […]

In my last article on the “green entrepreneurship” -,  I wrote about basic aspect of  going green on entrepreneurship.  There is lot happening in this area. Our society including entrepreneurs are becoming more aware.  I wanted to know more. I looked around on web and found great resources/information.  I will like to share same […]

In my last article on the “green entrepreneurship” - (Link here), I wrote about basic aspect of going green on entrepreneurship. Now, let’s talk a step forward. Now as part of “green” entrepreneurship only being socially responsible is not enough. I bet, every entrepreneur will have this question in mind.
Can I […]

Everything is going “Green”, why not entrepreneurship ?
An “entrepreneur” is someone who thinks of a new idea or opportunity in business and who takes the risks necessary to convert his or her vision into a reality. Entrepreneurs are absolutely essential to the forwarding of human progress. An ecological entrepreneur is someone who is driven […]

Finding the right person for a job is never an easy task for anyone to do, not even for a psychologist. As I always say — Smart entrepreneur invests in right people. Right team can make ALL possible difference. Trust me — business is a   “people” game !!
It’s all about people,people and people. Yes, I […]