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For last few months, I am going through horrible experience with customer service of PayPal.
I couldn’t imagine that dealing of  PayPal can be so much time consuming and totally ineffective. If I bill them for every hour I spent, it can be sizable amount !
Question I have is — How can a company survive with […]

If you are 30+, it may be late ( at least for subject of this post! )  . If you are not, it may be your last chance. 
It is amazing as well as humbling to see what various folks have achieved in early age.  Way to go !
Following link has list of successful […]

You must have heard the news !
If not here it is. Google bought “Feedburner” ( for USD 100 million )  and they made their “feedburner’ service Free !
Great news for Bloggers.
I have already started using  Feedburner PRO service for my  blog posting feeds.  I am currently testing it to make sure, it works and satisfies all […]

Like Gizmos ?

You got to visit this website then —
You already may be knowing what this site is about. As name says it is all about Gizmos ? Some are very cool, Some are bit funky ( and expensive ) .. Some may be bit weird.. but surely they will catch your attention because they […]